Apr 23

The DOs and DON’TS to Retain Your Followers


Having gone through the hard work of garnering followers on Twitter or Instagram, you now have to device way of retaining them. All your hard work and patience will have gone to waste if your followers end up unfollowing you. You should not worry about the problem when it comes to followers acquired through free twitter followers and free instagram followers. There are a couple of dos and don’ts that should always cross your mind whenever you are online on these social sites. They include;

  • DO spice up your bio

What matters most is what you actually get to tweet and what is on your bio. A nice and attractive bio can actually attract more followers. It is crucial that it be up-to-date and very attractive in the eyes of your prospective followers. Basics include having a relevant and high quality photo, and filling out your information fully.

  • DO understand the niche that you are in

The niche you created through your description in your bio is what you should leave up to. However, you might find it not as interesting as you had initially assumed it would be and wish to change. For such a case, ensure that the change is not drastic. The free Twitter followers and free instagram followers are always carefully selected to match your niche.

  • DON’T take a stance in controversial topics

You should always be careful on what you tweet about. Try to avoid taking sides in the controversial topics, if at all you have to touch on the topic in the first place. Such topics include politics and religion.

  • DO limit you retweets

Retweeting is a great tool for sharing cool tweets, letting people know that you still exist, or even starting a conversation. But it must have its limits. Do not do it excessively and always add some of your thoughts to the retweets whenever you can

  • DO use hashtags

Hashtags are quite useful in getting your tweet to reach a larger crowd, increasing the chances of getting more followers. You should however, not use them excessively. They become annoying once you begin to abuse them and they might portray you as arrogant.

  • DON’T be a snob

Someone who never engage with his or her followers in any way can be categorized as snobs. A snob will never follow back, reply to comments or questions or post anything for others to read. You should try as much as you to avoid being a snob. It only takes a little extra effort.

  • DO get more followers

It is quite easy to get more followers on both Twitter and Instagram thanks to free twitter followers and free instagram followers. You can rack up the numbers to whichever limit you desire