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Knowing Trevon Duval- the Budding Star at the Blue Devils

The universities have always been a major ground from which the basketball players found recognition and had the exposure to play on the basketball teams. And it is the constant production that has provided a steady supply of new talents which the game has always demanded. The Duke University by now has already found enough recognition, and a major portion of the credit goes to the fresh players who come up every single day.

Patrick Lanning, who himself is a student of the Duke University and a die hard fan of the Blue Devils University basketball team believes that even though the returning players keep leaving impact every season, but the freshmen have always played as their trump card in winning matches. It is indeed quite surprising how such talents come up every single year and help the game progress with equal valor.

This season there have been twenty-five freshmen who have been picked up by the university basketball team, but Patrick Lanning Oregon believes that the No. 4 pick of all freshmen is going to be the biggest impact- Trevon Duval.

A Gem to Shine for the Recruiting Class of the University

The Duke has already signed two of the top 10 players and three of the top twelve from this freshmen and names the best of the entire lot- that’s Trevon Duval. As far as the class of 2017 is concerned, and guarding the points on the court is concerned, none can beat the 6’3” 191 pound Trevon. The coaches and the management committee of the Blue Devils have always felt the lack of an authentic point guard and that sets them back to some extent in the matches. The strength of Duval is the pass-first nature of his game, and the management committee believes that this will indeed give a major boost to the offense section of the team.

No Chances of Misfit

As far as the returning players for the Blue Devils are concerned, they have hardly got any quality player as of now. Even though Grayson Allen will be playing at times for the team, coaches and basketball enthusiasts believe that he’d perform better more on the perimeter where he would definitely get more chances of scoring baskets. There’s another one on the list of freshmen point guards that Blue Devils has got this season, Duval and Jordan Goldwire. But Duval should be playing in the team right from the first match, while Goldwire gets to find some rotation in between and crack the opponents out.

The Blue Devils have always been the donor for the NBA, and this Spring was no different for them. But that has never lacked their stock of resource because these quality freshmen have always filled up the position. Blooming youth and bounty of energy has always been the trump card for the game of basketball, and Blue Devils never seem to fail with one.

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